About Astro Inferno

“The stars are gone. But still so far to fall.
Left is but darkness and eternal Death.”


A TTRPG game like no other. A truly unique world with a focus on character building and evolving. Creating dark legendary tales in an ambient heavy world. Brand new system for creating and leveling characters and their epic gear. Filled to the brim with glorious heretic art. Easy to play – Hard to survive. But is Death really the end?

Dark Souls in a futuristic legendary Pantheon, where Satan is God.

You will die!

Astro Inferno is an innovative TTRPG with a focus on ATMOSPHERE , SYSTEM and CHARACTER DEVELOPEMENT.




Humanity is lost, Earth is lost, the Universe is lost.

Left is the Fractured World, a void where physics have been replaced by blasfemus rules. Where places exist within walking distance of eachother and still eternitys apart. Where Dark powers rule with laws as inverted davidian psalms. Where slave and man and king pray to the Dark One for salvation and God only exists as an obscure parameter in an AI main frame.




The new “STORY – STAKES – STATS” system is developed to make it feel lightweight without undermining the essence of character development. True lightweight systems are fast but often leave you with a hollow feeling when it comes to character depth.


Story comes first in Astro Inferno, if there is a great story to be told then the rules are set aside to create that story. You roll 1 dice and the lower you roll and the higher skill value you have the more successes you get. You can get a Failure a Bare Success, 1 success or many successes. Every success is treated as an action. If you roll 3 Successes when trying to sneak past a guard, you also get to steal something from the guard, and may notice that the guard has the “Dark mark Wraith” on his neck. All in one roll. If you roll a bare success you Succeed but it takes a lot of time, makes a lot of noise but you aren’t spotted. If you fail the GM may roll a dice to determine the outcome. The Core book will come with loads of tips and tricks and examples of what different kind of Successes and failures may end up being, to get the fantasies going for a new GM.


Whenever there is a roll, the GM may pause the action and set the stakes. He then proclaimes what will happen if the roll failes or what will happen if a certain goal is not achieved in the time limit. This is to make every roll important and give you an chanse to alter the outcome by using abilities or chicken out. The GM also has the option to set secret stakes or only hint at the stakes instead of saying them out loud.

Ordinary Stake
“The lock mechanic seems to be complicated. If you fail this roll the lock will break and it can’t be opened.”

Secret Stakes
“The lock mechanic looks pretty wierd inside. You have no idea what will happen if you fail this.”

Hinted Stakes
“The lock mechanic rattles loudly when you touch it, you cleary hear the voices of the Royal guard in the room above.”

In combat a stake is set every round based on the combatants and the situation and combat is almost handled like a puzzle where the players will navigate around avoid being killed and trying to offset the stakes. Stakes in combat is always very very dangerous and something that should be avoided at any costs.

Combat Stakes
“The Great Mothers birth tentacles will catch a random Character.”
“The Demons attack damage will double.”

Secret Combat Stakes
“The Tank suddenly spews out fire througout the room, the heat is unbearable.”
“Through the wound in the Demons chest another head grows out. You all take 1 darkness.”

Hinted Combat Stakes
“The Great Mother twitches and Jonah who is caught in her birth tentacles screams in pain. Something is going on there.”
“Something bad is going to happen!”
“The Damage will be high!”


Stats are fun! Complex systems are fun! It’s great to know that your agile armor gives you +2 in Physical and +5 in Movement, +5 in Sneak and 5 more in Pain Threshold. But it’s not great to handle all the bonuses and keep track of what things add to what. In Astro Inferno Stat bonuses from all things are added directly to your character. If you forge an Agile Armor you fill out it’s stats on your form and then you add the bonuses directly to your core stats and get a new total. This is how Abilities, Gear, Powers and Corruptions are handled in Astro Inferno. If the GM ask you to roll Sneak your total including your gear will be at the end of the line at the sneak Skill.

Forging Gear – RNG Jesus save me!
Whenever you find gear you roll a D20 and decide if it’s any good or just junk. If it’s good you may take it to a blacksmith (or Player character with the Blacksmith Mark) who can forge it to suit you. If you choose to use the gear for parts you can roll Craft and see how much of it you are able to salvage for upgrades to your own gear. Upgrades are measured in Upgrade Experience (UXP) and adds to your own gears Level. Gear starts at Level 1 and may be Upgraded all the way to level 10.

A rich story with stats and abilities with connections to the world, that is what our goal has been developing the rules of Astro Inferno. In the Core book there are hundreds of Marks, Corruptions, and Arcane abilities that make your Character truly unique and combined there are thousands of ways of creating and developing your character. There are three different ways of Leveling not counting Armor and Weapons. You can level the “normal” way, and raising your stats empowering your mark or getting a new mark from your Master. You also can level up your skills and specialtys, getting better at certain actions withing the Legendary world. Then there is Unlight and Corruption.

Every Soul in the Fractured world corrupts. Some corrupts slower than others but as soon as you die for the first time the corruption starts to show. Corruptions are a curse and a blessing. When you reach 11 Corruptions you are lost and become a Creature of Unlight, but every corruption also give you a hefty stat bonus to Stats or Skills or may give you new abilitys or give you the ability to cast a certain Ritual. Skulls, Horns, Tentacles, Mechanical enhancements, Huge body size, Extra eyes, External Muscles, A Mane of Fire or a head of the Dead Good Horus are just the begining of what Corruption can do to your character. Corruptions can together with a players imaginations bring to play some of the most awesome horrible abominations in RPG gaming.






The very air vibrated with aether as the Deathsingers gathered on a cliff overlooking the Soul Loom. ”We need more firepower!” said the young knight in anger unloading a huge smoking machinegun covered in blood. The runes spelling it’s name pulsated in a sickly amber glow.
”You saw what those creatures did to Angus!” blurted Ahphelia out ”His body is lost to us, the Dark Lord knows where his soul is now! If he was on his last verse he would be gone!”

In the silence that followed a small hum started whirring from the huge Genesis Machine who was settling down along the cliffs edge. His massive robotic limbs moved so slow now compared to his aggressive ferociousnes in the skirmish earlier. He piece by piece cleaned chunks of abhorrent smoking black flesh from himself.

”I think Arthox strained himself. I need not see his demon tonight… nor ever.” Aphelia thoughtfully added looking at the tired machine soul preparing to rest.

”We stay here until Angus finds us!” The voice of Augusta the Deathweaver cracked like high voltage through the night as she approached the others. They could see her satanic eye was wide open, it illuminated the scene with fire and commanded all attention. ”Anubis has showed me another way.” her voice turning into a hissing whisper “Trough the halls beneath the lake.”

”The halls…” the Knight wearily hesitated ”But the dead god?  What if she still roames the cursed palace?”

The Deathweaver held out her hand and opened a small metallic box not larger than an apple and majestacly produced an impossible long black sword shimmering in crimson from it. Aphelia gasped.

”That, that thing!” she held up a hand before her eyes as if to shield them from an unseen blinding light.

”Is that a Celestial?” The Knight asked whispering shaking his head in disbelief.

”It is a true Celestial!” said the Deathweaver and watched the blade glowing and jittering almost as ember even in the presence to the fiery eye ”and when morning comes Athena will carry it’s blade inside her ribs.” she paused caressing the blade then continued grinning “She’ll crawl to her father and our names will be written in marble along all enemies to the god of thunder, but we’re getting Aphelia to the Loom tomorrow as her song ends.”