“The stars are gone. But still so far to fall.
Left is but darkness and eternal Death.”


A TTRPG game like no other. A truly unique setting with a focus on character building and evolving. Creating dark legendary tales in an ambient heavy dark world. Brand new system for creating and level characters and their epic gear. Filled to the brim with glorious heretic art. Easy to play – Hard to survive. But is Death really the end?

Dark Souls in a futuristic legendary Pantheon, where the Black Ghost rule, darkening his power with the blood of the innocent.

You will die!

Astro Inferno is an innovative TTRPG with a focus on ATMOSPHERE, SYSTEM and CHARACTER DEVELOPEMENT.


Humanity is lost, Earth is lost, the Universe is lost.

Left is the Fractured World, a void where physics have been replaced by blasphemous rules. Where legendary places exist within walking distance of each other and still eternities apart. Where dark powers rule with laws as inverted Davidian psalms. Where slave and man and king pray to the Dark One for salvation and God only exists as an obscure parameter in an AI main frame.

The Players take on roles as Death Singers, chosen Souls and the only hope of salvation in the Satanic Legendary world. They live their verses exploring the infinite enigma of horror and splendor where dark dominions of the Black Goat and Ancient Gods rule. Most are misled by the Fallen Angels and follow the left-hand path of selfishness, deep into corruption and power. Some shimmer of aether and align their goals with Elysians and the Ancients. Some live their afterlives without care of the forces be, exploring the depths of the Abyss and forging their own bloody paths through Fracture.

Life in Fracture
Fracture is seen very differently for  different Forms; Undying (Surviving Humans) and Souls (Humans who died in the Rapture).

Souls gather in communities trying to survive the corruption, the monstrous beasts, and the twisted laws that rule this wretched place. They live a somewhat medieval life in small settlements or cities. Could be as mundane as an old space station converted into a village, an old mythic castle reused as a small city or it can be as the legendary cities of Citadel or Babylon with hundreds of thousands of souls. The Souls gather resources from around their communities and sometimes manufacture and sell gods to other communities. Some Souls are taken from their existence and set to work for the Harbingers or as slaves in large industrial complexes doing the Dark Lords horrific tasks. Industries of sacrificial chambers, unholy rituals and refineries of aether and unlight. To Souls this world is old as time itself and has always been like this for one thousand years. They know of the Rapture as a mythic event that happened  a long, long time ago, before anything existed.

To the Undying, the Rapture happened a decade ago, some even saw it with their own eyes. Most were Astronauts or Scientists living off-world when the stars and planets started to crumble into dust. Most humans have lived through the Great fog that followed, inside a halting space station seeing resources and supplies slowly decline over the years. Only the most resourceful Undying have survived and in a way or another found their way into “another place” and into the society of Fracture.


Playable Forms (Races)
Undying – Surviving Humans
Dark Soul – Witches, Darklings
Nano Suit – Enhanced human/cyborgs
Satanic Entity – Behemoths, heavily corrupted souls
Genesis Machine – A human mind inside a huge machine body
Lilith – Demons, Oracles, Deep walkers


With hundreds of Abilities, Marks, Arcane Powers, Masters and Corruptions, your character will feel truly unique. Within the Legendary Satanic Space there are thousands of ways to evolve and only imagination sets the limit on how powerful and truly corrupted your characters end up. You may rock a Knight with such incredible strength that he can throw people as dolls, a Necronaut with movement so high he may leap buildings in one go.

But they all start at the bottom as, worthless dogs, slowly corrupting and brewing into sacrilegious beings – until their Master finds them.


So where are our Characters going?
Will they end up as servants to the Worm Gods horrible bile filled existence?
Will they travel through on a Hellish Odyssey and end up as legendary Death Singers finally escaping Inferno?
Will they make pacts and through the Ancient Gods find a way to the lost Garden of Ash, the Asphodel Meadows or Elysean Fields?
Will they Dethrone the powers of Satan’s Court and become Satanic Princes themselves?
Or will they be misled by the Ancient Serpent Deceiver all together?

Find your horrid faith in Astro Inferno!


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